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Are You Ready to Experience Miracles and Embrace Your Supernatural Calling?

Welcome, Christian Conservative Women, to the life-changing
3-day challenge that will set your heart ablaze, revolutionize your spiritual journey and propel you into a realm of miracles and divine encounters.

Are you feeling a deep longing to break free from the chains of a lukewarm existence?

Do you yearn to unlock your true potential as a supernatural revivalist following in the footsteps of the most Beautiful Witness that ever walked the earth? #Jesus

"Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things" - Jesus in John 14:12

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news" - Rom 10:15

If so, you're in the right place.

Prepare to be coached and mentored by none other than Apostle Lindy-Ann Hopley, an internationally sought-after speaker, singer, author, coach and revivalist, as she guides you on a transformative journey to becoming a Beautiful Witness of heaven on earth.

If you're feeling the divine tug to step into more, to embrace revival, and to learn how to move in the greater things... then this challenge is specially designed for you!


What if you had the POWER to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, and CONNECT to bring the kingdom ANYWHERE?

MAGA = Make Anywhere Godly Again!

In this 3-day Ignite Yor Faith challenge you will experience an igniting of bold faith, love, and power.

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Prepare to be inspired and empowered by Lindy-Ann Hopley, an internationally sought-after speaker, singing revivalist, and apostle from the heart of South Africa.

With a powerful anointing and a heart for spreading the Gospel, Lindy-Ann has touched the lives of millions worldwide through Beautiful Witness Ministries. She has been a key-note in-person speaker in 34 countries and has impacted EVERY sphere and mountain, from the poor to Presidents.

Her passion is to see Christian Conservative Women be ignited into their God-given destinies as modern-day on fire revivalists, equipped to impact the world around them with the Beautiful Witness of heaven on earth. Training you that through an insatiable love and supernatural power of God in you and through you here and now - nothing is impossible!



Walk with Fearless Female Mentorship:

What if you could have direct access to the guidance and wisdom of a fearless frontline female mentor who is actually doing "the stuff" that has paved the way for women around the world who will coach and empower you to step into your divine calling as a Christian Conservative Woman?

Step into a Life of Miracles and Supernatural Power:

What if you could witness the miraculous unfold in your life, experiencing healing, signs, and wonders as you become a vessel for God's supernatural power?

Experience a Powerful Spiritual Igniting:

Imagine awakening each day with a renewed passion for Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and hungry to see God move in extraordinary ways. Our team is committed to going after your breakthrough in prayer and equipping.

Unlock Your Divine Destiny Through Prophetic Activation:

Discover the path to embrace your God-given purpose and experience the fulfillment of walking in alignment with your calling by Becoming a Radiant Witness of Heaven on Earth, embodying God's love and power. What if you could step into the fullness of your calling and shine brightly as a Beautiful Witness of heaven on earth?

Break Free from Spiritual Stagnation:

Imagine breaking free from a lukewarm spiritual routine and igniting revival fire within you. Experience deep connection with God's love and entering a season of revival, joy, and deeper intimacy with the Lord. Experience a deep connection with God's love, Spirit, and fire, propelling you into a life of purpose and passion.


Daily Recorded


Power-packed Fire Hour



Connection In Private Membership


How Does This Challenge Work?

To attend the 3-Day Ignite Your Faith Challenge, you will first register here, and then we will send you access to our exclusive Facebook group. For 3 consecutive days you will watch a pre-recorded teaching with Lindy-Ann Hopley in the Private FB Group. You will be able to discuss what you learnt with fellow members on the Private FB group. Do your best to watch each 60 min session each day, so you don't miss anything!

What Will Be My Time Investment?

Commitment of 3 Hours Total, Over 3-Days - The 3-Day Ignite Your Faith Challenge is created to run over three days. You will get one power-packed hour of Lindy-Ann Hopley's best tools to be IGNITED, PLUS she will have sessions of INCREDIBLE guest speakers every day for VIP members! Those who purchase the VIP Experience will get to do an extra 60 minute session which will include a time of Q&A's!

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

If you know you are called by God - this is for you! If have a passion to see God impact the world through you - this is for you. If you are passionate in seeing God in every sphere of society - including the one you are in - this is for you. If you want to be able to step out and see God's Kingdom come in your life and those around you, to step into the supernatural and access what God has for you - this is for you. If you know you have a message in you that the world needs to hear - this is for you. If you know you are supposed to be a Beautiful Witness for the Kingdom - this is for you. If you know you have GREATNESS in you that is ready to come out - this is for you. If you are ready to be used by God as a mighty Warrior in His Kingdom - this is for you.

When Is The Right Time To Do This Challenge?

NOW. Do NOT let the enemy of this world keep you from showing up in this world as the powerful Beautiful Witness you KNOW God is calling you to be one minute longer!

What Will I Gain From This?

In this challenge you will be given an overall introduction & understanding of why the Ignite Your Faith Challenge is absolutely essential in your life to see change in the world! Each day will be packed full of rich insight, with real-life, practical tools to empower you to unleash the full potential of Christ both in you and through you. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to gain incredible experiential knowledge that can be the difference between life and death.


Lindy-Ann walks in an astonishing level of anointing. I was deeply healed by the beauty of the Lord upon her, her strength, kindness, servitude and fearlessness. She fights for people. Her boldness and brilliance give Chrsitian women permission to be beautiful and powerful while effectively spreading the gospel. She's a voice of a generation, and I couldn't imagine not having the chance to be near ther faith and miracles that pour forth from her life.

Kate Barnidge

Ex New Age Guru, Christian Minister, USA

In this season of chaos we are all looking for authenticity and truth. Lindy-Ann is a person of genuine authenticity, honesty, fun and generosity; freely giving away of what she carries. Her gifts of healing, prophecy, words of knowledge and her apostolic anointing and steadfast faith in who God is and her teachings straight from the heart of the Father have strengthened me over the years I have had the privilege of knowing her. Learn from this General and your life will be changed forever!

Carol Campbell

Director of Healing Rooms Africa,SOUTH AFRICA

She is quick to discern obstacles that keep people locked out of God's intended future for them - people get set free from life-long setbacks. Lindy-Ann brings the necessary keys to get free!

Annette Biggers

Film Producer and owner at Triplecord , USA

Lindy-Ann is one of the few driven, powerful, Holy Spirit led, presence focused, anointed women of God and leaders in the church body. Her teaching and equipping catapulted me into my spiritual gifts. I'm grateful for her mentorship and I encourage you


Actress & Singer, USA & GERMANY

Tormented by demons, God used Lindy-Ann as the vessel to bring me to full surrender and deliverance. Serving under her - I received impartation. I am now a leader in the church and God uses me powerfully in deliverance ministry.

Natasha Van Gent

Disciple turned Director at BWM,SOUTH AFRICA

I was personally so touched by L-A's coaching! I have prayed these prayers before, but got such breakthrough and deliverance during L-A's session as I broke into tears bringing freedom! Her vulnerability breaks open vulnerabilty for others - is powerful and a gift!

Jackie Grace

Women's Confidence Coach, USA

After listening to Lindy-Ann for 6 months, I drove 7 hours to hear her preach in person in Germany. Never saw miracles like that before. She lives what she preaches! For sure! You can’t stop her :) I learned so much from her. How to go to the people, talking with them and praying for them. I had my first wheelchair miracle. The woman began to run. I said : "Lindy- Ann, God uses you for me to find the real God!!" Most of the time I felt nothing in churches, God was far away. Holy Spirit ? Who is that? Today I never want to go back! I am forever thankful that God used Lindy-Ann to meet HIM! He knew what I need!

Nicoleta Adriana


Being a mentee to Lindy-Ann has accelerated my spiritual growth and confidence! She sets a perfect example of how to approach and speak to people in an every day setting that is welcoming, and makes plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to move. She hears the Holy Spirit clearly and encourages others to press in to do the same. She always has wisdom to share, deepening my understanding of how to interpret what God is saying and my identity in Christ. I love hearing her experiences and what she's witnessed in her life of ministry - always something to learn! I've witnessed many miracles while sitting under her mantle and recently received my first ever prophetic governmental dream!

Katelyn Mclaughlin

Mom, Lindy-Ann’s Assistant & Mentee, USA


Step into More: Are you tired of living an ordinary life when you know God has extraordinary plans for you? Unleash the fullness of your potential and discover the abundant life Christ has paid for on the cross.

Embrace Revival: Experience a spiritual awakening like never before. Allow the fire of revival to ignite within you, bringing transformation and a profound connection with God's heart.

Move in Miracles: Break free from doubt and uncertainty. Learn the keys to unlocking the miraculous in your life and witness the power of God moving through you.



🔥Day One: Lighting the Match

Discover the depths of your identity in Christ and ignite the passion within you to move beyond the ordinary. Find clarity in your divine calling and purpose as you step into the realm of the supernatural.

🔥Day Two: Fanning the Flames

Immerse yourself in the presence of the Holy Spirit and allow the fire of revival to intensify within your soul. Learn the secrets to keeping the flames of revival burning brightly in your daily life and impacting those around you.

🔥Day Three: Spreading the Wildfire

Unleash the power of miracles and the gifts of the Spirit in your life and ministry. Activate your faith and become a catalyst for spreading revival wherever you go.

You Don't Need To Be A Man, A Seminary Graduate, Perfect, Come From A Lineage Of Ministers, Or Leave Your Job To Impact Lives Around The World With The Revivalist In You!


3-Day Challenge!




Dear Beloved Sisters in Christ,

Congratulations on taking the first step towards embracing your divine calling and igniting your faith! As we embark on the Ignite Your Faith Challenge, I am thrilled to journey with you into a transformative experience that will empower you as a bold, beautiful witness of God's love and power.

🕊️ Unlock Your Supernatural Potential

Join me and other like-minded women in this transformational 3-day journey. Together, we will learn the skills to become powerful, bold, and beautiful witnesses of God's kingdom. Embrace your unique calling and step confidently into your divine purpose.

🔥 Step into Fearless Authority

Throughout this journey, we will confront the doubts that have held you back. Do you ever feel called to greatness but find yourself unsure where to start? Are you navigating a Christian world that seems dominated by men? Let's banish fear and uncertainty and replace them with the unwavering confidence that comes from walking with Christ.

🌟 From Lack to Overflow

No more fruitless searching for mentors or feeling limited as a Christian Conservative Woman. Our challenge is designed to empower you to walk in favor and authority. Experience the thrill of witnessing healings, deliverances, and the miraculous as you step out in faith.

🌟 Embrace Your Radiant Purpose

I remember the moment I stood before a demon-possessed woman with no knowledge of how to help her. Her heart's cry echoed with the desires of countless Christian women who yearn to make a difference. The encounter with that woman wasn't a coincidence; it was a divine appointment to awaken purpose.

🔥 Answer the Call Today

Are you ready to dive into the Ignite Your Faith Challenge? Your decision to take this journey is an investment in your spiritual growth, divine purpose, and legacy. Secure your spot for ONLY $37.00 and step into a community of Christian women determined to set the world ablaze.

"All creation awaits for the true sons and daughters of God." - Bible

That's you!

Don't miss this divine opportunity to be part of a powerful movement that impacts lives and sets hearts ablaze. You were born for such a time as this!

🔥Embrace Your Calling - Secure Your Spot Now!

With anticipation of the transformation ahead,

Apostle Lindy-Ann Hopley

Beautiful Witness Ministries Team


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